The Scoop on Facebook: Changes to Pages and News Feed Algorithm

The Scoop on Facebook: Changes to Pages and News Feed Algorithm

We have some big news that you are going to want to hear. On June 13, all Facebook Pages will be automatically updated to the new design. Right now, Facebook is giving you the option to update now or stick with the old design for just a little longer. Facebook first made an announcement of the changes in March and has been slowly rolling it out since then. Pretty soon your Page will get a huge makeover. Are you prepared for what’s ahead?

The new look has many exciting design changes that will make an admin’s work easier when accessing tools and make navigation smoother for visitors. Here’s the scoop on the new features and the change in design:


The good news is, sizing is still the same. The profile photo is still 160 x 160 pixels and the cover photo is still 851 x 315 pixels. However, the profile photo is now moved up farther into the cover photo. You’ll need to adjust any text or important images under the profile photo.

The Like and Share buttons are now incorporated into the bottom portion of the cover photo, so you’ll need to remove any writing in the lower 65 pixels. If you’ve included you’re business or organization’s name in the cover, you should consider removing it since it also appears in the overlay, along with the Page category (make sure the category reflects what you do).

The overlay limits the amount of text space you have if you use a graphic for your cover. Maybe this is a way for Facebook to limit free advertising on the cover so more Pages will purchase ads? Very sneaky!

Underneath the cover photo is a clean design for the apps. In the old design the apps were images, now just text. You can choose which apps to display (i.e. Photos, Events, Likes). You can only choose three to display, where before it was four.


Visually, the Page looks cleaner, as the design of the left and right columns make much more sense.  On the Timeline, the right-side column now displays all Page posts. This one-column display means that all posts will appear consistently on the Timeline and in the News Feed. The left-side column features information about the Page’s business, including a map, photos, video, hours of operation, phone number and website URL. What an improvement in terms of organization!


No matter where admins are on the Page, they can now view information about the ads they are running and new likes on the Page, as well as unread notifications and messages. Facebook has added new navigation options to the top of the Page, making it easier to access activity, insights and settings. The Build Audience menu at the top of the Page offers direct access to the Ads Manager account.


Automated posts from third party apps will now get less visibility in the News Feed. These are implicit posts, which are posts that automatically go on your wall and in the News Feed of your friends via an app, without your direct control. However, posts that you share explicitly via third party apps will continue to get visibility in the News Feed and will receive priority over implicitly shared posts. Basically, Facebook users will start seeing less auto-posts from game apps and the likes.

As we all know, Facebook is constantly changing its design and algorithm. inBLOOM Communications will continue to monitor changes and share updates on our blog and social media pages. Have questions? Feel free to leave us a comment or contact us.

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Danielle Thibault
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  1. Amy Caro-Brown says:

    Hi Danielle- Thank you for sharing!

  2. One thing you haven’t mentioned is the change to the way Facebook displays the pictures you post on your business page timeline. Before, as with Pinterest, portrait-orientated photos looked best. Now, it seems that landscape-orientated ones look better. If you publish a portrait-orientated photo you end up with blank strips either side of it and the photo is scaled down.
    I don’t think this is an improvement. It makes it impossible to optimise photos, e.g. from a blog, to suit both Facebook and Pinterest.

    • Thanks for pointing that out! Yes, it seems as though landscape-oriented photos look better on Page Timeline. Square 800 x 800 graphics also work as an alternative to portrait-oriented photos.

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