2014 Marketing Tip: Invest Time Posting on Event Calendars

2014 Marketing Tip: Invest Time Posting on Event Calendars

It could take several weeks or even months for your organization to plan an event: the date, the location and even possibly hiring a caterer. But some people forget the most important part about planning an event – informing the public about it. It’s essential that your company or organization posts upcoming events on print and online calendars.

Where can you post your event? New Jersey and New York City have a variety of different calendars to post your event on by topic. Some categories include kids, art, family, music, etc. Here are examples of calendars in these categories. For some, you’ll be required to create a profile, often at no cost, to add events.



NJ Kids on the Go

Calendar for Kids

Kids Guide

Macaroni Kid



North Jersey.com


Discover Jersey Arts


Parent Guide News

New Jersey Family

American Towns

New York Times – Email event info to: njtowns@nytimes.com


94.3 The Point

Time Out NY – Email your event info to: musiclistings@timeoutny.com

The Village Voice

Magic 100.1

How do you make your event stand out? Creating appealing graphics, well-written press releases and blogs will convince more people to come to your event. Make sure to use graphics that relate to the type of event or your company’s logo to familiarize the public with who you are. A popular tool that most event calendars require when posting your event is tagging specific words relating to your event. For instance, if your organization is holding a fundraiser for a children’s hospital, use words like children, benefit, fundraiser, food or whatever else will be at the event. Therefore, the public can search the type of event they’re looking for by plugging in specific words.

Lastly, most event calendars have deadlines for events to be posted. Some calendars, like NJ.com, require you to send them the information for your event three weeks prior so the event can be posted not only online but also in their newspaper. Meeting deadlines assures you that your event will get out to the public in time and guarantee their will be a high number in attendance. In 2014, make a New Year’s Resolution to tell the public to save-the-date for your events.

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Julia Palazzo

Julia Palazzo

Julia Palazzo’s contributions include writing blog posts, interviewing clients and posting client events on online calendars. Julia is currently a sophomore at Rutgers University, majoring in Journalism/Media Studies and Political Science. She just finished a Production internship at The Rachael Ray Show in New York City. She aspires to work in television post graduation. She is a social media addict and she can’t go a day without having chocolate in her diet!


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