Hashtags and the Holidays

Hashtags and the HolidaysWhat’s all the hubbub on hashtags? We just love them and here’s why. They’ve become such a popular way to discover and share information on social networks that we use daily. Because hashtags categorize posts by keyword, we can target users who are interested in a specific topic. Without the use of hashtags, posts are harder to find and end up floating around amongst other random posts. Hashtags allow your posts to easily be seen by users that aren’t already following you, not just your followers. Therefore, hashtags are a useful marketing tool to increase brand awareness.

In order to get the most exposure, hashtags should be used strategically. It’s a good idea to use popular hashtags and ones that are trending for your topic. If you have a topic in mind that you would like to use as a hashtag, simply do a search for it and see how many people are using it in their posts or tweets.  Hashtags.org is a great source for finding trending and popular hashtags on Twitter, and also searching to see if certain hashtags are worth using. You will find the analytics for the hashtag on a 24-hour trend graph, which shows the estimated tweets per hour using the hashtag. When using hashtags, it’s good to be consistent, especially if you’re using hashtags that not many people are using. Many businesses are now creating their own hashtags for their marketing campaigns to get people to specifically talk about their brand in whatever they’re posting.

Commonly used hashtags seem to emerge during certain events that have created a buzz. Usually, a hashtag will be created by the event organizers and promoted so that people know to use it. Then there are also those hashtags we use each week, such as #TBT #ThrowBackThursday on Thursdays and #FF #FollowFriday on Fridays. And on national holidays such as National Pet Day and National Pizza Day hashtags are always used. But what about Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Hanukah?  Are hashtags being used during the holiday season? Most definitely. The holidays are a topic that most people around the world are talking about. From ways to celebrate to gifts worth giving, this holiday season many hashtags that are commonly being used have to do with the holidays.  And rather than being used for one day only, they’re being used all month long.

Here are some holiday hashtags you’ll want to include in your social networking posts:

#holidays  #happyholidays  #Christmas  #Hannukah  #gifts  #perfectgift  #giftideas  #giftgiving #HolidayGiftGuide  #HGG #Santa   #NewYears   #NewYearsResolution

If you’re feeling creative, why not create your own holiday hashtag for your business? For a successful outcome, use it consistently, include it in your promotions and share it wherever possible. Here are some examples of businesses that have done so and have been successful.

Honda:  #HappyHondaDays

Dunkin Donuts: #HoliDDayFashions

Target: #MyKindofHoliday

Walgreens: #HappyAllTheWay

Macys: #MacysBelieve

Hashtags are a great way to discover, connect and reach new people and organizations during the holidays and all year round. Don’t let your business get lost in a sea of random posts! Use hashtags strategically to increase brand awareness and attract your target audience.

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