Tips for Businesses Facing Facebook’s Friendlier News Feed

Tips for Businesses Facing Facebook's Friendlier News Feed

Your Facebook News Feed is about to get friendlier. As a result of user feedback, Facebook has decided to increase the amount of content from close friends appearing in News Feeds. The most popular social network is going to make some key changes to what content it displays in users’ News Feeds, and yes, these changes may have an impact on business pages.

Here are the three key changes:

  1. Users will start to see more content. Facebook is going to lift restrictions on seeing multiple posts from the same source appearing in a row.
  1. Users will see more important posts from close friends that they weren’t seeing before, which means less media and corporate posts. Facebook will show more photos, status updates, links and videos from friends higher in the News Feed.
  1. Posts about your friends liking or commenting on others’ posts will have less importance and will either appear lower in the News Feed or not at all.

So, what does a friendlier News Feed mean for your business page? Basically, organic post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline, resulting in your page having less visibility in News Feeds.

But even though competition to appear in News Feed has once again increased, as long as you continue to post entertaining and valuable content, you can still reach your fans. The more your audience engages with your content, the more reach you’ll have.

To see what works for your Page, monitor the reach of your posts by checking the bottom of each one to see how many people you’ve reached. You should also be checking your Page Insights to monitor post engagement and organic and paid reach.

You should also allocate some of your advertising budget towards boosting posts. This way, you can reach more people and target specific audiences. Here are some tips for boosting posts:

Tips for Businesses Facing Facebook's Friendlier News Feed


Be sure to include high quality photos and videos – visuals are more engaging than plain text. Images should not be made up of more than 20% text (this includes logos and slogans). Try not to be overly salesly in your post.

Keep your business’ target personas in mind when writing your content. For example, if you’re advertising camps or classes to moms and dads, write as if you were talking to them specifically. This way, you’ll instantly connect as you share content that resonates with them.

To increase traffic to your website, boost a post that includes a link to your site. This is an effective way to get people from News Feed to your website.


The big question when boosting a post – who are you trying to reach? Facebook gives you the option to select “People who like your Page,” “People who like your Page and their friends” or “People you choose through targeting.” Select people through targeting for a more predictable reach. You’ll be able to target people by location, age, gender and interests.

Are you looking to reach locals or expand into other locations? What are these people interested in? You can add up to 10 interests for your target audience.  Reach those who will care by choosing topics relevant to your post.


Your budget will determine the amount of people your post will reach. Even if you start small with just $5.00, you’ll still see some great results.


You can check in on your results anytime from the Boost Post button on the post itself to see how your ad is performing. Be sure to review your Page Insights to see which types of posts resonate best with your audience.

Yes, Facebook may be getting friendlier, but if you have the right social media strategy, you can still make it in the mix with those real-life friends! If you have any questions about the changes to Facebook’s News Feed or need assistance with your social media efforts, feel free to contact us. We offer a complimentary consultation for new clients.

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