Integrating Photo Contests Into Your Social Media Marketing

Integrate Photo Contests Into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The photograph is a powerful visual marketing tool. People enjoy looking at photos, but more importantly people love sharing photos, especially on social media. So how can businesses integrate photo sharing into their digital marketing campaigns? Run a photo contest! Not only will people participate to share their photo, they’ll get to compete to win a prize. Now, who doesn’t love a good, friendly competition?

Running a photo contest will get you more engagement with your fans on your business or organization’s social media page, and also expand your reach and attract new people to the page. You might also have other goals in mind, such as spreading awareness about an event, promotion or service. You can run the contest through social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Or, if you’re able to, you can run the contest through your website.

inBLOOM has been running different themed Facebook photo contests for clients since the idea first emerged. From the Home Vets NYC NJ Cuties for Charity Pet Photo Contests to Cupcake Magician’s Cupcake Cutie’s Photo Contest, we’ve had some great success with this digital promotion. Not only is it fun for the participants, it’s honestly a lot of fun for us, too. We get to tap into our creative sides to come up with these awesome interactive experiences, while building closer relationships with our clients’ audiences and watching their pages grow.

We use the Offerpop photo contest app for Facebook to run contests for our clients. Here’s how we get things rolling:

1. HEADLINE IMAGE: We work out the contest details and then our graphic designer creates an 810 x 300 headline image that includes the details, graphics and photos. This headline image is used for both the contest app and the Facebook timeline cover.

2. CREATE THE CONTEST: We launch the Offerpop app, title the campaign, upload the headline image, set the dates, configure the voting frequency, and provide the details and rules in the description. In order to enter and vote, participants have to like the page (an excellent way to build the page following). Participants have a week to submit photos. Voters have a week to vote, and can do so once, every 24 hours. The photo with the most votes wins the prize.

3. PROMOTION: This is key! We start promoting the contest before it even begins by posting an announcement about it on our client’s Facebook timeline with details so people can start working on their submissions. Once the contest has started, we continue to post reminders and photos of the entries submitted to get people interested in both submitting and voting. We also promote across channels like Twitter, email, and the client’s website. And we share the link and details with bloggers and other organizations’ pages asking them to spread the word as well.

Right now, we’re running EarthShare New Jersey’s “NJ Best & Beautiful Outdoors” Photo Contest”, which has been very successful. The deadline for submissions has passed, so now it’s voting time. Forty one participants have submitted absolutely gorgeous photos of parks, beaches, waterways, trails and gardens all around the state of New Jersey. The contest has received all kinds of entries, both from professional photographers and people who’ve simply captured an image with the camera on their phone. The photo with the most votes wins two tickets to the EarthShare Celebrates 20 Years Reception, taking place on May 30, 6:30 p.m. at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.

By looking at EarthShare New Jersey’s Facebook insights, we can see that the number of likes has significantly increased throughout the duration of the contest. During the week long submission period, the page received 103 organic likes. During the week long voting period, the page received 581 organic likes.

But how can we really determine that the new likes were as a result of the contest? By looking at the activity of the posts in Facebook insights, we can see the posts that had the most organic reach and engagement (clicks and likes) were the ones pertaining to the contest.  The analytics show that mentions and posts by other people have also helped. Just by looking at the amount of people who entered and voted, we can see that the contest played a big role in getting those new likes.

Not only did the Facebook page get more engagement and expand its audience because of the contest, we also were able to get the word out about EarthShare Celebrates 20 Years Reception. This is a great example of how a photo contest can have more than one goal.

We’ll be launching Small Factory’s “School’s Out for Summer Camp Giveaway” Photo Contest on May 26. Participants are invited to submit a photo of their child’s art or their little artist, musician, gamer or singer in action. The winner will receive a $300 gift card valid towards Summer Camp at Small Factory, valid through August 22, 2014. We’re looking forward to seeing some creative entries!

If you’d like some assistance with creating and managing a photo contest contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you achieve the same success our clients have had.

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What’s Your (Business) Story? Enter Our Services Giveaway Contest

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 1.45.54 PM

I’m a writer, so I have a love for a good story that goes deep down to my toes. I’ve spent my life crafting and reading stories with a hunger that can’t be satiated. Because a great story makes you crave the next line. It gives you a taste for words and images, a carnal urge to let them coat your tongue like the tannins of a good, strong red wine. When the last drop is drunk, you still want more.

I’ll take a story from anywhere, the news, a novel, a children’s book, The Onion, but my favorites are the true ones, the ones with an actual person firmly rooted in the engagement of life. Give me a lede about a human, mid struggle or triumph, and I’ll click all the way through to the kicker line.

You might be surprised to know then, that I love writing about businesses. Not “business” but actual living, breathing companies, embodied by passionate people, whose goal is to create and serve, and make a boatload of money in the process.

I bet the same is true for you. How much more attractive is Apple to you because of Steve Jobs? Not just because he was a visionary, but because he saw success and failure, gain and loss, suffering and joy. Watching it all, buying his products or not, we became invested in him and his brand. (And this from me the Android lover.)

Every company’s got a story to tell – from the entrepreneur working in her bedroom or the fledgling team in their workshop, to the $2 million company or the Fortune 500 firm. And the best stories, the ones that make investors, customers and competitors lean forward and furrow their brows in concentration, are the ones about the people behind business. How did they build it? Why? How did they break through those barriers? How are they going to change the landscape of the industry? How is their product going to change my life?

It’s what we all want, to read about people, like us, struggling and succeeding to build something. It’s the reason we take a whole day for a TEDxNavesink conference and why we watch and share TED videos late at night, long after we should have put our devices down.

That’s why we – Shannon the writer and Jennifer, the publicist – have launched an exclusive contest for TEDxNavesink attendees, because want to hear from you, the visionaries, the early adopters, the entrepreneurs, the game changers. Give us the narrative seed of this, this thing, that has taken over and become your life and your love. If yours is the one to resonate most with us, we’ll help you craft and deliver it to the people you need most: your customers and investors.

We love the opening line of a good story and we can’t wait to help you tell the rest.

So tell us, what’s your story?

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